#100HorrorMoviesfor100Days Day 20

Day 20: The Smiley Face Killers
Writer: Andrew Fitzgerald
Director: Andrew Fitzgerald
Year released: 2014


Google the “Smiley Face Murders” and you will find countless articles, theories, urban legends, and potential conspiracies that will leave you feeling overwhelmingly paranoid. If you’re an adult male living within the Northeast or Midwest you may also hesitate before walking home alone at night, especially when nearby a body of water. I’ve been obsessed with this urban legend for a few years now, and while doing some research found this “documentary.” Spoiler alert, it’s Blair Witch meets a serial killer, which I found entertaining. The movie is available to watch on YouTube here:



Overview: A documentary filmmaker is making a film about a suspected serial killer and the killer finds out.

  1. The movie depicts the urban legend of the smiley face murders.
  2. The movie may disappoint some who are hoping that it’s a true documentary of these suspicious deaths.
  3. There are both professional and amateur detectives who remain actively committed to solving these deaths.
  4. Many of the cases that have been fictionalized here are real cases, and some of these deaths remain under investigation.
  5. Some suspect that there are too many actual deaths to be a coincidence, and too many to be attributed to one person. The film fictionalizes the deaths as being committed by a gang.

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Cynthia Pelayo

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