#100HorrorMoviesfor100Days Day 21



Day 21: The Amityville Horror (2005)
Writer: Scott Kosar (Screenplay), Jay Anson (novel)
Director: Andrew Douglas
Year released: 2005


I remember watching the original 1979 The Amityville Horror in my cousin Nancy’s room. I was probably 10, or younger. I was terrified, and I was completely convinced that what I was watching was based on 100% fact because that’s what my older cousin told me. The scene with the priest blessing the home was terrifying. Any scene with George Lutz losing his mind was terrifying. I couldn’t sleep that night, certain that there was a big possibility that there was an Indian burial ground beneath my house and that something similar to Amityville was going to happen. Now, I like many people who watched the 1979 version watched the 2005 version. I saw the remake in the theater, and it was not terrifying. It wasn’t terrifying for many reasons; first, I watch a lot of horror movies, second, I was not a 10 year-old in my cousin’s room, and finally, I was pretty certain there was no Indian burial ground beneath my current home. I also couldn’t shake Ryan Reynolds playing George Lutz. Reynolds seemed so wrong for this part. Regardless, the most interesting part of the movie is the supposed strange events surrounding the actual filming.


Overview: A couple and their children move into a home where the previous family was murdered, and they are quickly terrorized by the house.

  1. The body of a fisherman washed up next to the house where filming was to take place.
  2. Kathy Lutz died while the movie was being filmed. George Lutz died shortly after the film was released.
  3. Ryan Reynolds reported waking up at the same time of night that George Lutz reported waking up, terrorized by the house.
  4. Members of the film crew reported disturbances and an overall ‘creepy’ feeling while filming.
  5. Actress Melissa George’s accounts vary. In some interviews she claims she experienced no paranormal experiences, while in others she claims she did.

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Cynthia Pelayo

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