#100HorrorMoviesfor100Days Day 7



Day 7: Snowtown
Writer: Shaun Grant
Director: Justin Kurzel
Year released: 2011


Why did I watch this movie? I feel like I’ve lost a part of my innocence that I just can’t get back. I thought it was about something else and then I watched it and my entire train of thought while watching this was thisisfuckedthisisfuckedthisisfucked. I don’t normally watch these types of horror movies; those based on real-life horrors as I prefer supernatural horror stories. I don’t even think I would categorize this movie under the same umbrella that holds A Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist and so on. This is a gritty retelling of very brutal series of murders that occurred because of very grim circumstances. The things human beings actually do to one another are the most horrific. Maybe I should have done a Google search on the actual Snowtown murders BEFORE watching Snowtown so I could have been mentally prepared for it. Although, I suppose there’s nothing you can do to be prepared for this. I didn’t even have an opportunity to set up an appropriate palate cleanser afterward. I just stared at the wall for a good 10 minutes after this movie ended, wanting to cry.


Overview: Base on true events – a 16-year-old living in Australia goes on a torture and murder spree with his mother’s new boyfriend.


  1. Daniel Henshall, who also appeared in the Babadook, lived in Snowtown for several weeks getting to know the locals in order to develop his character.
  2. Most of the actors used were local and had no acting experience. Kurzel believed using locals would make this a less one dimensional horror film into something that portrayed the tragedy of what happens when people are disadvantaged.
  3. The Guardian gave the movie four stars and called it a well-made but gruesome and often an unwatchably violent film.
  4. The real murders spanned from 1992 to 1998. John Bunting, Robert Wagner and James Vlassakis were all convicted in one of the most publicized trials in Australian history in the murders of 12 people.
  5. Lucas Pittaway who plays Jaime was instructed not to speak too much to the other actors in order to develop the emotional state of his character.

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