#100HorrorMoviesfor100Days Day 8



Day 8: The Ring
Writer: Ehren Kruger (screenplay), Koji Suzuki (novel The Ring), Hiroshi Takahashi (1998 screenplay Ringu)
Director: Gore Verbinski
Year released: 2002


Now that I’ve watched this again I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever seen Ringu, the Japanese version adapted from the Japanese novel, and I don’t think I have. Maybe I’ll add the Japanese version to my watch list for this project. I haven’t read the novel. I’d like to read the novel, but my reading list is extensive at the moment so I’ll have to pass.


I’ve seen The Ring twice before this most recent time watching it again. What I remember thinking after watching it the first time was ‘Why aren’t there more horror movies like this?’ After I watched it again I believe there are other horror movies that use similar themes.


Themes used in this movie I’ve seen elsewhere:

The urban legend – kids do something they’re told that if they do they’ll die. They do it…they die.
Creepy kid who has assumed powers – During a scene where Samara was being videotaped in the hospital she said that when she sees things they happen. I believe that’s close to the premise of an upcoming horror movie where a little boy dreams things and they happen.


Creepy kid who was killed by their parent (s) – thus creepy kid becomes creepy ghost.


Passing on of the curse in order to save oneself – You need to replicate the action that got you into this mess so that someone else will stumble upon it so that you can be saved. This similar to the theme in the recent horror movie It Follows – pass the curse on so that you can save yourself. It’s as though the curse (monster coming after you to kill you) is a virus and the only way to live is to give the virus to someone else.


Overview: A journalist investigates a strange videotape that’s believed to cause your death a week after viewing it.

  1. Many scenes were cut out of the final movie or redesigned. Samara’s death scene was longer and more brutal before the final cut.
  2. The tree with the red leaves seen throughout is known as the Japanese maple tree. The fruit is known as “samara.”
  3. The success of The Ring has led to other Japanese horror film remakes.
  4. The little boy in the movie, Aiden, always calls his mother by her first name, Rachel. This is never explained.
  5. It has been said that subliminal frames from the Ring video are in the film.

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