31 Horror Movies for Halloween – CRY OF THE WEREWOLF

31 Horror Movies for Halloween – CRY OF THE WEREWOLF (1994)

I watched this as part of my Saturday evening ritual, and my Saturday evening ritual includes me making a bowl of popcorn and sitting down at 7pm to watch Svengoolie on MeTV where he shows horror classics. I usually watch Svengoolie with my 5-year-old and so if you are my 5-year-old’s kindergarten teacher you have read that wrong…ugh, my son is NOT watching scary movies with me….

The movie synopsis – a young woman is raised by gypsies and she must hide a secret…and that secret is that she’s a werewolf.

What makes this movie interesting is that the woman is a werewolf! There are some pretty strong female characters in this, considering it’s from 1944.

It’s thought that this is the first major film to cast a woman as a lead who transforms into a werewolf. Also, the shifting all occurs in shadow and the actual werewolf is a wolf – so not half beast half human, but the animal – dog/wolf.

I did enjoy this one because of these unique qualities. Maybe we need a modern female werewolf movie?