31 Horror Movies for Halloween – THE QUIET ONES

I could not get into this one no matter how hard I tried. It was on SyFy, so why not? I should have watched something else. It was too slow for me, and the relationship between some of the characters just seemed inappropriate considering one of the characters was supposed to be a fairly young girl. The entire thing just is…odd.

A college professor wants to prove the supernatural exists, and to do so he takes in a ward…a young girl who just generates strange phenomena.

So, an old professor has a young girl…locked in a room…and he brings in students to film her. It’s just…no, wasn’t for me. I didn’t like this idea of taking a young girl from a mental health facility and locking her up in your house for observation.

I get the concept – pressure someone into generating psychic phenomena, but the age difference and approached felt lazy and poorly executed.