31 Horror Movies for Halloween – THE VVITCH

31 Horror Movies for Halloween – THE VVITCH

I’ve tried doing this before, and some years I can’t quite get through all 31 horror movies because life happens.

Still, I’m going to attempt my 31 Horror Movies for Halloween again.

I’m starting off the month with THE VVITCH. I’ve only seen it once before in the theater and I admit, I didn’t quite like it much when I first saw it. I think I walked into it with certain expectations.

Even when I saw it the first time, I was captivated by the image of Black Philip and the witches in the forest.

Now, on a rewatch I enjoyed it much more. Some time has passed since the movie first came out, and in watching it again I found it to be a much more intellectual film than I had originally thought.

The dialogue is also beautiful, for example:

Thomasin: Black Phillip, I conjure thee to speak to me. Speak as thou dost speak to Jonas and Mercy. Dost thou understand my English tongue? Answer me.
Black Phillip: What dost thou want?
Thomasin: What canst thou give?
Black Phillip: Wouldst thou like the taste of butter and pretty dress? Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?
Thomasin: Yes.
Black Phillip: Wouldst thou like to see the world?
Thomasin: What will you from me?
Black Phillip: Dost thou see a book before thee? Remove thy shift.
Thomasin: I cannot write my name.
Black Phillip: I will guide thy hand.

Just some things that stood out on a rewatch –

*The muted colors, visuals – these were compelling.

*The family was banished, but it was never really stated why.

*The dinner scene with the family where the father sits at the head of the table. It’s a scene rooted in Biblical imagery – down to the mention of silver (think Judas’ payment for turning in Jesus of Nazareth) when the mother asks where is her missing silver cup.

*The black rabbit who appears several times. A rabbit appears in children’s literature (the dark and creepy type of children’s literature) and leads children astray. It does so here as well.

*The two younger siblings are so unnerving, their voices, their stature. They are like devilish imps and I feel like the director had this intent.

*The beautiful, magical Thomasin. I was captivated by her innocence, and her insistence that she was not a witch, and she wasn’t…until…(no spoilers here).

*And of course Black Phillip