6/14: Day 312 of being “off” Twitter…wait, I meant day 4

A few thoughts to the 2 people that visit my blog, both of which are probably here accidentally because they googled Pelayo of Asturias or something, the 6th century nobleman and maybe the algorithm brought you here because of my last name. Anyway…

First, I’m pretty sure my son ate hand sanitizer, but I can’t prove it. See the featured image. The entire house smells like this hand sanitizer. What did he do with it when I wasn’t looking?

Secondly, I’ve heard from so many amazing and lovely people. I’m happy that so many nice people reached out to check in on me, and even complete strangers (how did you find my personal email address strangers? Just kidding, but no, really?). I digress, blogging is very 1994 Geocities, or perhaps 2007 Tumblr…but I didn’t have either because I was in my teens and 20s when those platforms launched, and I was most likely at a bar then and not on a blog. I digress again, I’ve heard from so many beautiful people. I am so thankful and grateful to each of you.

Third, I suppose you want to know how I’m doing. I’m sad, I guess, if I’m being honest, but I’ll be OK because I have no choice but to be OK.

Finally, yes, I’m writing, because I have amazing writer friends who will call me and keep calling, and calling, and calling until I pick up and they scream into the phone ‘You will not stop writing!’

Like my friend said, some of us write to have James Patterson fame and money. Others write because if we didn’t we would be broken. I’m in that second camp.

But, I will be OK. I have things to write, and hopefully people to read them, but ultimately, I get to write stories that I need to tell. So yes, I am working on things. Some things will be announced soon as well.

Also, my public email is cinapelayoblog@gmail.com. If you want to send a personal note you can find me there.

Other things I’m doing this week:
Buying Bath Haus by P.J. Vernon – this book is going to be HUGE. It is huge. Watch.
Watching We Need to Do Something online 6/16. Congratulations to Max Booth III on this amazing novella and I’m sure an amazing film debuting at Tribeca Film Festival.

Tickets for the online viewing are still available at this link.

Tomorrow – or not – or maybe when I feel like it – but this week for sure, another geocities, Tumblr-like post will be here waiting for all of you (2) people who googled Pelayo of Asturias and wound up here accidentally.

I love you.