6/26 Black out poetry, writing events and rain

Black Out Poetry

I commissioned poet and author Jessica McHugh to create a blackout poem for me. I got to choose the book and the theme. I chose Where the Red Fern Grows and the theme was hope. She sent me a few samples and I loved her creations so much I ordered a second poem. I will post pictures when I receive them.

If you have not yet read Jessica’s black out poetry then follow her on Instagram. Then order her Bram Stoker Award nominated black out poetry collection A Complex Accident of Life.

Writer Events

I will be at a few writer events this year. Below are those events that have been announced.

Scares That Care – I will be doing a reading here. I will not be selling or signing books since my anxiety and panic disorder – with a dash of depression – is well, there right now. I do enjoy reading in public, so this is why I want to go. I will say hello to people I know while I am there.

Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival – I will be selling and signing books here. I’m not yet sure which books, but I will see.

I’m usually not very social, but if you see me and want to say hello and chat then I will be glad to do so. Typically, I’m the person sitting in the back of a room in a dark corner and avoiding people.

Flash Fiction

I read this flash fiction piece and I never thought my heart could be broken in around 1,000 words, but Marie Brennan accomplished that.

Waiting for Beauty

I’m working on something that has some flash fiction elements to it, so this was lovely (and heartbreaking) to read.


I currently have a few writing projects that have been requested and are in development, from poetry to fiction. I’m keeping busy with that.

Congratulations to Heather Levy!

Heather’s debut Walking Through Needles was reviewed in The New York Times. I’m so happy for Heather. She is such a wonderful person and writer.

Tracy Clark’s new novel Runner about Chicago private detective, Cass Raines, is included as well, and I’m looking forward to reading that. It’s the 4th in the series, I believe.

What else?

It rained a lot earlier. There was a tornado warning, and I was driving in the city when that happened. So that was interesting to be caught in so much rain.

I think that’s all for now.