6/27: Chicago Tribune & Humboldt Park

Well, that was unexpected, I mean, I knew I was reviewed in the Chicago Tribune, but this, THIS made my life, and gave me so much healing. You don’t even know.

Thank you Chicago Tribune.

So naturally, I had to take her to where it all began, Humboldt Park.

Children of Chicago is not a happily ever after. It’s not even a happy ending. It’s a story told with non-fiction, thriller, mystery, crime, police procedural and horror elements – all with the mechanics, at least I hope, of a traditional Grimm’s fairy tale. I wanted to showcase the flatness of a fairytale, and talk about the stepmother, and witches and dark woods. I wanted to talk about monsters and trolls under bridges, and I wanted to talk about what happened to the real mother.

It is a fairy tale, the darkest of fairy tales.

It tells of a Pied Piper (the same one from the German town of Hamelin) luring Chicago’s children to their death. I wanted to talk about the pain of losing children to gang and gun violence, but I could not mentally come to a place to write that story. Instead, I wrote about the frenzied state one can fall into when they want someone dead, what does that mean? What does intent mean? What does it mean when you actually go through with it? Does that anger spread? Does it fester and become an infection?

This is my city. I love her as much as the air I breath. I love its children, all of them, like they are my own.

Thank you to those that read it and understood what I was trying to say. I was trying to tell you a story, through the city’s history, of pain and suffering, of deceit, and the loss of innocence. We are trapped in violence, because, I feel, we have never come to terms with the violence that we were founded on.

I ended the story on a tragic note, that there is evil looming everywhere.

Prove me wrong, humans.

Spread love and kindness.

We can do this, move forward with safety and peace as priority.