6/28: Sears Catalogue Homes

I should be working on my dissertation. In fact, I recently changed dissertation chairs. One thing no one tells you about a PhD is that the classes and the exams are the easy part. I’m all done with that part. I just need to finish this next piece, which is not the easy part. The hard part is the dissertation, and at this rate, I have no idea when I’ll be done between managing children, work, and writing. I’m really hoping another year, but we shall see.

Well, instead of working on my dissertation at nearly 3am I am instead researching 1911 Sears catalogue homes, and making edits to a novella I’m a tad behind on, and listening to the thunder outside. At least, I think that was thunder, but it’s Chicago so you never know what is making those rumbling outside noises.

So, you want to know about Sears catalogue homes? I’ll post more, but this is the home I’m writing about. The plans for it first appeared in 1911 at the Illinois State Fair. It’s the feature of the Gothic novella I’ve written. The name of the house is the Avondale.

I found a lot of information on them at the Chicago History Museum and various websites, including this one.

Snippet from the novella:

“Am I?” She glanced upward. “It doesn’t matter that he once said that because I am saying it now. So maybe we are saying these words together at once. Nothing matters, Anna. Time does not matter. It meets at no point. All of the possibilities exist together,” she said and then smiled at me before retreating into her room.

That’s all for now. I need to make a few more edits and sleep I suppose.