6/16: Having dogs is hard & updates

No one wants me to have a nice vacation because no one wants to give my dogs a place to sleep while I am away. Fine, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.

I’ve emailed almost every dog boarding facility in the city to try to find someone to take my dogs in for when I go on vacation, and it’s not looking like good news.

First, I have 3 dogs, a little shih-tzu poodle we found who no one ever claimed, and two we adopted. Our two bigger dogs have a lot of anxiety and separation issues. One of them had been at the shelter the longest when we finally brought her home. The other had been found wandering Kentucky and when she was brought to Chicago everything terrified her.

The little dog will be coming with us. His separation issues are greater than our other two dogs, so he will have to come along with us.

Hopefully someone takes in the two big ones so I can head out of town for a bit. While I’m away I will be doing some camping and hiking, and research for a project.

I also want to give a very big thank you to Thunderstorm Books. Paul included some lovely words in a package that had me crying a good cry this afternoon. Thank you, Paul. I appreciate you.

I am looking forward to taking a few of these fantastic books with me on my trip. Paul helped bring two of my stories back to life and I can’t thank him enough. I think I am going to need more bookshelves and that is a good thing.

Please support Thunderstorm Books. They support authors so much and do such great work.

Talk more later, my fellow listener. See you here again…sometime this week. Same bat time. Same bat channel. Does anyone even know that reference? Oh dear I’m old.



I was just notified of a Latinx writer with a large platform that recently left Twitter. There is definitely a troubling trend of pushing out certain diverse creators from spaces. Because of this, I will start retweeting any positive posts that I am tagged in and tweeting any updates about my upcoming work. In terms of actual engagement, I’m not yet sure. I still don’t feel completely comfortable engaging unless I’ve known you for a decade or something.

We need to be supportive of all diverse voices, and not push the ones whose stories we don’t like away. I have stressed multiple times – not all of the stories that a diverse voice writes will resonate with you. Like Carmen Maria Machado said, you don’t have to read or like her stories. I agree. You don’t have to like our work, but you should not push us away.


The dogs found a vacation home.

Also, what I meant about retweeting and sharing publishing updates again – it’s because many of us diverse creators needed Twitter in order to build our platform at a time when publishing was not supportive.

We built a following on Twitter, discovered markets to sell our work and found readers and friends.

However today I am seeing many of us are moving with caution online, and we should take breaks if we need it.

I certainly need the space to protect myself and my family.

However, if diverse creators feel well enough to, and can maintain a positive presence online, I recommend it in order to continue working towards true diversity and inclusion in creative spaces.