A Fairy Tale for You

Below is a short fairy tale my son and I made up as we went hiking through the forest. We did so as a way to ease his fear and anxiety of all things going on in the world. Enjoy.

The Bread and the Animals

“Mommy, I hope I’m enchanted now.”

by Cynthia & Son

Once upon a time there was a mother and a little boy. They baked a bread and still warm, packed it to go to grandmother’s house. On the way to grandmother’s house, they hiked deep through the wood. The little boy noticed something peculiar. “Mother, I do not hear the sounds of the foxes, or the deer, or the butterflies, or the birds.” Mother stopped and asked the tree. “Tree, why do we not hear the sounds of the foxes or the deer or the butterflies or the birds?” Tree said “Because they are all waiting at grandmother’s house for you. They are very much looking forward to seeing you there and sharing in the delicious bread you’ve made.” And so, mother and son rushed to grandmother’s house and there, with such joy on their faces was grandmother and all of the foxes, and all of the deer, and all of the butterflies, and all of the birds to greet them. They all sat down together to share in the wonderful bread that was baked, and they were happy. The end.