31 Days of Halloween – Day 26 Stages of an Exorcism


Movies significantly water down the ritual of Exorcism. What is important to know is that exorcisms still do occur and are taken seriously by the Catholic Church. Here are some notes and the stages of an exorcism.


  • Once engaged in an exorcism it cannot be called off.
  • There is the belief that no matter the outcome of the exorcism, the contact is partly fatal for the exorcist, because every time the exorcist engages in an exorcism something in him dies.
  • If an exorcist loses he may never again perform the rite of Exorcism.
  • The place of the exorcism is usually in the home of the possessed person. Once chosen, the room where the exorcism will be conducted is cleared of all objects that can be moved.
  • The only people in the room who are dressed in a special way are the priest and his assistant, both wearing black cassocks. Close family can be in the room, but the number is limited to usually a few.


Beginning: Presence

From the moment the priest enters the room he is looking for the sense of a presence, an invisible, intangible and unhuman element.


Step 1: Pretense

In the early stage of an exorcism, the evil spirit does everything they can to hide behind the possessed. This first job of the priest is to force the spirit to reveal itself as a separate entity from the possessed. This step can sometimes last for days. If the entity does not show itself the priest cannot proceed.


Signs the priest is looking for at this stage include the behavior of the possessed increases in violence, physical attacks, gnashing of teeth, repulsive stench and so on.


Step 2: Breakpoint

The violence and repulsive behavior intensifies. Here is where the priest typically falters. The possessed no longer speaks in their voice. It’s a new alien voice that speaks. Inhuman sounds may begin to emit from the possessed. The spirit may begin to use words like “I” or “We” and refer to the possessed body as “Ours.”

Step 3: Voice

During the breaking point the priest hears the voice. It’s a disturbing and distressing babel of syllables, sometimes slow and sometimes fast. The exorcist can only proceed to the next step when this voice is silenced.


Step 4: Clash

Here we begin to see two-way communication, a conversation. This is the most dreadful part for the exorcist. Here the priest must provoke. The main battle is seen here, will the total inhuman invade and take over the body? He must lock wills with the evil thing. Here the priest must finally force the thing to give its name, and some exorcists will go further and try to pursue as much information as they can.


Step 5: Expulsion

Once the priest has the name he can move toward expelling the evil spirit. Sometimes the priest will appeal to the possessed urging them to use some of their own free will to help fight and aid the exorcist. During this stage the exorcist is under full attack. The exorcist will be lured but he must fight all traps. If the priest falls under any trap he can be damaged physically, emotionally or mentally.


If the exorcism is successful it ends. The victim will wake up and sometimes remember everything that’s happened and sometimes they will not remember anything at all.

Of course there is much more detail in between, but we just thought some of you would be interested to see those stages listed out.




31 Days of Halloween – Day 25 Ed & Lorraine Warren – The Ghost hunters


If you’ve had a relative interest in the paranormal over the last few decades, or if you’ve seen any of the following films – The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, Annabelle, or the Haunting of Connecticut, then you may have a relative idea about the career of the Warrens.


Edward “Ed” Warren and Lorraine Rita Warren have claimed to have investigated thousands of hauntings. The Warrens have been involved in some of the most famous paranormal cases covered in some of the aforementioned films. The Warrens are also well known for their involvement in investigating the infamous Amityville haunting.


It’s been said that Ed was the only non-ordained demonologist serving the Catholic Church. Lorraine claims to be a clairvoyant and a light trance medium.


The Warrens have stored thousands of items throughout their investigations which they claimed were haunted or contributed to hauntings. The Warren Museum is contained in the back of Lorraine’s house in Monroe, Connecticut.


The Warrens have met with many critics over the years. Most of their critics have claimed simply that the Warrens are nice people but that their artifacts, photographs and video recordings provide no proof of the paranormal.


Regardless, strange things have always surrounded themselves around the Warrens. For example, during a viewing of The Conjuring 2 this past June, a man in India died during the climax when the fictional Warrens were battling it out with a demon. The man was rushed to the hospital, declared dead and his body was moved to the morgue. Even stranger, when someone went to the morgue to claim the body it was gone.

Lorraine is 89 years-old and continues to work in hauntings. Her belief in the paranormal is still strong as her belief in demons, evil, and possession is tied into her Catholic faith. She believes that prayers and a prayer of the rosary can often neutralize evil spirits.


The Warrens met when they were 16. He was an usher at the local cinema and she had gone in one day to watch a film and noticed him. By then both had encountered paranormal events, Ed seeing orbs in his room and Lorraine had begun to see lights around people. Ed and Lorraine were married at 17 after he returned from World War II. When he returned from the war he studied art and would stand outside painting houses he believed to be haunted.


After a long career fighting ghosts, demons, werewolves, and more Ed died in 2006 after a sudden collapse was followed by a series of illnesses that kept him housebound.




31 Days of Halloween – Day 24 Victorian Mourning

The Victorian era is generally thought as the period during Queen Victoria’s reign, from 1837 to her death in 1901. When we think of the Victorian era we generally think of the artistic and cultural behaviors of the time. Victorianism is punctuated with social values, arts, religion, romanticism, and a dash of mysticism.


While there are many areas of Victorian society to explore one that we are particularly interested in are Victorian funeral practices and Victorian mourning. The Victorians had rules in place for all manners of social interaction, and they also observed specific rites and rituals for death and dying. It was Queen Victoria who most famously took death to the extreme, as well as grieving in grand-scale when she went into a deep mourning after the death of her husband, Prince Consort Albert. Many who watched her followed suit with their own practices.


Large flower arrangements, grand clothes, and even symbolism in headstones was very important during this time. It was also the Victorians who popularized the use of burial in park-like cemeteries.


Death during this time was a public event and darkness and gloom were part of the ritual.


Following on are some images we found of Victorian mourning. You’ll see large dark costumes popular with women. Women were typically the last caregivers of those who died and so they were in a position to publicly display their sense of mourning on a large scale to the public.


vm1 vm2 vm3 vm4 vm5 vm6 vm7 vm8 vm9

vm11 vm12 vm13 vm14




31 Days of Halloween – Day 23 Slender Man Attack


In Spring of 2014, three girls were having a slumber party at their home in Waukesha, Wisconsin – about 20 miles west of Milwaukee. At some point in the evening two of the girls lured the third into the woods where they stabbed her 19 times and left her there to die.


While the victim crawled toward the road to find help the other two girls wandered the woods searching for Slender Man, hoping that he would be happy with their tribute and take them away to his kingdom.


The victim was eventually discovered by a cyclist and taken into emergency surgery where her doctor said she was just a millimeter away from death. The victim has recovered and returned to school. The juvenile attackers are awaiting trial, and their case has only gotten more tangled.


While the victim was in surgery a major hunt was underway to catch the perpetrators, who were eventually found walking along interstate 94. In one of their backpacks authorities found the five-inch long kitchen knife that was used to stab the victim. Little remorse was shown because it was an action the girls’ thought necessary in order to prevent Slender Man from harming them or their families.


During the interrogation, the girls claimed that they needed to kill someone not only for protection but to become proxies of Slender Man. They believed by killing someone they would prove their loyalty to him and thus he would take them to live in his mansion in the woods.
The court proceedings have been ongoing then. As of August 2016, the girls have pleaded guilty by mental disease or defect. One of the girls’ attorneys claims she suffers from oppositional defiant disorder and schizophrenia. The other girl has been said to have schizotypy and a delusional disorder. As of October 2016, both girls will have separate trials.


The girls discovered Slender Man through the Creepypasta Wiki, a website that hosts creepypasta fiction, which are short horror stories that originated on the internet. The origin of the Slender Man is often traced to an internet image of a tall man, dressed in black with an obscured face. His mythos has evolved from internet users who have written thousands of stories about the faceless man in a black suit who sometimes has tentacles that reach out from his back. As part of the mythos, it’s said that the Slender Man can cause amnesia, confusion, and paranoia. He is often depicted in forests and with children.
Immediately after the attacks the administrator of the Creepypasta site released a statement sending their thoughts to the victim and stating that the stabbings did not reflect the creepypasta community whose focus was that of a literary site.


There have been suspicions of other children aiming to do harm because of this fictional character. For now, we will wait to see how the trial of these two young girls develops.




31 Days of Halloween – Day 22 The Curse of the Billy Goat


October 22nd 2016 marked the 46th anniversary of William “Billy Goat” Sianis’ death. October 22nd 2016 also marked the first time the Chicago Cubs won the pennant since 1945 moving on to the World Series.


The Chicago Cubs have not won the World Series since 1908, the longest drought in Major League Baseball. Right behind them are the Cleveland Indians who last won a World Series in 1948. Both teams will meet on October 25th for Game 1 of the World Series in probably the most anticipated game in not just baseball, but sports history.


The Curse of the Billy Goat is probably the most famous of curses behind the curse of the Kennedy family. Between 1876 and 1945 the Chicago Cubs were one of the most successful baseball teams winning 16 pennants. Sporting Life newspaper called the 1908 World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers A Battle of Titans! The 1908 World Series was actually a rematch of the 1907 World Series where the Cubs played against the Tigers, winning four games to none. The teams met again in 1908 with the Cubs winning five games for their consecutive World Series title.


In 1945 the Cub yet again met the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. The Cubs won game 1. Detroit won game 2. The Cubs won game 3…but something very odd happened during game 4.


The owner of the Billy Goat Tavern, William “Billy Goat” Sianis purchased two tickets to game 4. One for himself, and one for his pet goat named Murphy. At the gate, Andy Fran, an usher stopped him saying that no animals were allowed. Sianis appealed to the owner, P.K. Wrigley who said it was fine for Billy to come in. When Sianis asked why not the goat, Wrigley replied “Because the goat stinks.” According to legend, Sianis threw up his arms and said “The Cubs ain’t gonna win no more. The Cubs will never win a World Series so long as the goat is not allowed in Wrigley Field.”

The cubs lost game four and were swept by the Tigers for the remainder of the series.


In 1969, a year before his death, Sianis said he felt better about it all and so lifted the curse…but the goat was not satisfied.


In 1973, the goat Socrates – a descendant of Murphy, along with Sam Sianis – a nephew of William, were escorted to Wrigley in a white limousine and walked down a red carpet towards Wrigley Field, but was again denied entrance.


In 1984, Sam Sianis and his goat were allowed to walk Wrigley Field where he raised his arms and said “The curse is lifted.” The Cubs failed to make the World Series that year, even though they were just one game away from winning.


1989, Sam and his goat walked Wrigley again in an attempt to beat the curse. No luck.


2003 – the Bartman Ball…


and more years of unfortunate events in past decades, including balls dribbling beneath people’s legs, black cats, and you name it.


So, has the cursed been lifted?


The Cubs are now walking into the World Series for the first time since 1945. For safe measure, should a goat be given a seat at Wrigley Field…just to be safe? We think so. Give the goat a seat!



31 Days of Halloween – Day 21 The Witch Bottle

A witch needs a witch bottle – that is for certain.


A witch bottle is a container jar spell that protects the witch against evil spirits, magical attacks and protects their home. Accounts of witch bottles have been dated as far back as the 15th century.


Witch bottles are typically prepared for the witch by a fellow worker or by the witch themselves. The contents of the witch bottle vary to the specifics needed for that witch, but they will contain herbs, magical oils, stones or gems of some sort, needles, pins, and perhaps the nail clippings or hair clippings of the witch the bottle is meant for.


Many witch bottles have been found in old homes in England and the United States. One witch bottle that was discovered in England contained urine, hair and pins and had been buried upside down. Another witch bottle found in Newark contained hair, nails and urine. Witch bottles could be hidden in the walls, buried beneath the home, or around one’s fireplace. Bottles could also be located near doors or windows since that’s a way other witches or evil spirits could get in.

Now, if you ever walk into someone’s home and you notice a lovely bottle, colored so that you really can’t make out its contents and it’s positioned by the door, well then…you better be nice to that person, because you never know who is a witch.





31 Days of Halloween – Day 20 The Death of the Conspiracy Theorist

This one is a bit strange, even for us, but we decided to write about it since some of our followers are intrigued by UFO’s and conspiracy theories. All of the detail we will cover has been published in the below articles for your review.


There is a growing segment of the population that believe that events around us are controlled by a group or groups of people. These beliefs stretch on into varying levels of life; economy, politics and so on. While some people brush away the words ‘conspiracy theory,’ thinking that any such belief is unreal there are some people who stand by ideas that not everything is what its seems.


Max Spiers was a 39-year-old conspiracy theorist from Canterbury, England with a large following. He also spoke at conferences about the subject matter. In June, Spiers was in Poland where he was scheduled to give a talk about his varying conspiracy theories, including UFOs. During his time there, he contacted his mother and told her that if anything were to happen to him that she should investigate it. Spiers had been staying with a woman, sleeping on her sofa and it was there on the sofa that he proceeded to vomit and spew a black liquid until he died. His death has been ruled due to natural causes, even though no paper work has been provided to his mother. Spiers’ mother, his former fiancé and his followers are challenging those findings.


Those that knew Spiers believe it was his research into UFOs, government cover-ups, and investigating people in politics, business and entertainment that got him killed.

So what was Spiers researching before he died? He believed that black magic is at the core of what runs this world.


Some of the conspiracy theories Spiers believed in include:

  • Black magic is at the root of the control of mankind
  • Mind control
  • Fourth Reich
  • New World Order
  • UFO Cover-up
  • Shapeshifters live among us
  • Entire underground cities exist beneath the surface

And more…


Did Spiers die of an alien virus, as some other conspiracy theorists believe? Was he getting too close to something? Or, did he really die of natural causes?











31 Days of Halloween – Day 19 WANTED: Exorcists


Apparently there is a shortage of exorcists. In an article published in The Telegraph in September 2016 exorcists are in urgent demand.


According to Valter Cascioli, a psychologist with the International Association of Exorcists (Yes, there is a thing) a lack of priests to perform exorcism is an emergency. Dr. Cascioli also teaches at the Pontifical University of Regina Apostolorum, a Vatican supported university in Rome. Cascioli attributed the increase of possession to people’s increase in the practice of the occult and satanic practices. He also attributed the rise of evil forces to people’s decline in faith. He was also clear to point out that it was important not to confuse mental illness with demonic possession.


Two of America’s leading exorcists, Father Gary Thomas and Father Vincent Lampert agree that there is a rise of demonic possession and a need for exorcists. Both claim pagan activities, declining mental health facilities, and a spiritual void in America is contributing to people being possessed. Father Thomas has conducted about 60 exorcisms in about 10 years.


In Rome, Father Vincenzo Taraborelli says he sees about 30 people a day. Father Taraborelli is also 79 years old and says that there is little success finding new exorcists.


“I told the bishop that I can’t find anyone willing to do this. Many of them are scared. Even priests can be scared. It’s a difficult life.”


31 Days of Halloween – Day 18 The Midnight Man



There are some games so terrifying they should not be played. The game of The Midnight Man has made the rounds on the internet as a creepypasta, actual instructions for the game, and I’ve been told there is a low budget horror film out there somewhere with this premise.


If you think the Ouija board is dangerous then you are not aware of the dozens of occult games that some people claim open portals to dark things.


The Midnight Man game is said to welcome into your home the entity of The Midnight Man. The purpose of the game is to welcome him into your home and continue moving so he does not catch you.


DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any harm that may come to you, your family or friends as a results of playing The Midnight Man game.


If you’re brave enough, crazy enough, and want to meet The Midnight Man then follow the instructions below. You have been warned.




1 candle

Lighter or a book of matches

A piece of paper

1 pin

Access to a closed wooden door




Before midnight write your full name on a piece of paper. Prick your finger with a pin and drop a drop of blood onto it.

Turn off every single light in your house – all of them.

Place the paper with your name and blood in front of a closed wooden door. Light the candle and place it on top of the paper.

Shortly before midnight, knock on the wooden door. You will knock a total of 22 times, the last knock must be at midnight.

At midnight, open the door, blow out the candle, and then close the door.

Relight your candle.


The Game

  1. Begin to move about your home with the candle in your hand.
  2. If your candle goes out you have 10 seconds to relight it.
  3. Continue moving through your house and do not stop until 3:33am.
  4. If you are unable at any point to relight your candle within the 10 second limit sit down, surround yourself with salt and do not move until 3:33am.

The End

The game ends at 3:33am. If you are seated within a circle of salt you are free to exit.


Important Notes



Accounts differ as to what happens if he catches you. Some accounts say you will have hallucinations of your worst fears and others claim that he will remove your organs.


How do you know if the Midnight Man is in your home?

The candle goes out

Soft whisper

Unexplained noises

Human figure appears in the darkness


During the game:

Do not turn on any lights until 3:33a

Do not use a flashlight or your cellphone light

Do not fall asleep while playing the game

Do not leave your house during the game

Do not taunt the Midnight Man




Finally, at the end of the game, never assume the Midnight Man has left your house.





31 Days of Halloween – Day 17 The Exorcism of Emily Rose



The 2005 film             The Exorcism of Emily Rose was loosely based on the real life exorcisms of Anneliese Michel.


Michel was a young German woman who underwent a series of Catholic exorcisms. Because of Hollywood, when most people think of the Catholic rite of exorcism they think of one event culminating with the expulsion of an evil spirit. This is not the case. Exorcism is usually a multiple series of rites.


Michel was born to a Catholic family in Leiblfing, Bavaria in West Germany. Her parents Josef and Anna also had 3 other daughters. Michel was known to be very religious, regularly attending mass. When Michel was 16 she had a convulsion and was soon after diagnosed with lobe epilepsy. She would suffer seizures and was eventually instituted in a psychiatric hospital.


While hospitalized, Michel was prescribed a series of medications including those to treat psychosis and schizophrenia, anti-seizure, mood stabilizers and anti-psychotic drugs. Michel complained about seeing devil-faces and hallucinated while praying. Her health continued to decline, and she became intolerant of religious objects, including crucifixes.


Michel went on a pilgrimage to a non-Catholic sanctioned holy site with a family friend to San Damiano. There she refused to walk past religious objects and drink the blessed water. It was at this time that her family concluded that her illness was actually demonic possession.


Father Ernst Alt was contacted by Michel’s family and upon inspecting her he claimed that he believed she was possessed. He petitioned his local bishop to allow an exorcism. In September of 1975, Bishop Josef Stangl gave permission for Ernst to proceed with the exorcism. Ernst enlisted the help of Father Arnold Renz.


Between 1975 and 1976 Ernst conducted 67 exorcisms on Michel, one to two exorcisms per week lasting hours. During this time her family had ceased all medical treatment. Michel talked about dying, and that her death would atone for wayward youth and apostate priests. She had also stopped eating and her knees had broken due to her continuous genuflections.



Michel died in her home on July 1, 1976. Her autopsy reported her death being due to malnutrition.


Michel’s parents, Renz and Ernst were charged with neglect. Their trial began in March 30, 1978 and drew considerable interest. Tapes of the exorcism were played in which the priests claimed were demonic voices coming from Michel identifying themselves as Lucifer, Cain, Judas, Iscariot, Hitler and Nero. The priests went on to say that they believed Michel’s soul was saved just before her death. They were found guilty of manslaughter and were sentenced to six months in jail, later suspended to three years’ probation.
Her parents later had her body exhumed, claiming that they wanted to rebury her in an oak coffin as the original one was made of cheap material. The priests were not allowed to see her body but a nun claimed to have a vision that Michel’s body was still intact. The body was reburied in an oak coffin lined with tin.


In 1984 a petition was submitted to the Vatican and the decision was made that Michel was not possessed but rather suffered from mental illness.



The below video shows images of Anneliese Michel and includes audio recording of her voice before the exorcisms and during.