Great review of POEMS OF MY NIGHT by Well Read Beard

I absolutely loved this review. It’s touching when someone reads my work and they connect with it. Thank you so much to Well Read Beard for reading and your lovely comments for POEMS OF MY NIGHT, my first poetry collection.

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Thank you all for your support.


Book News!

I meant to post this weeks ago, but I have been busy finishing up my PhD course requirements, including exams. Did I mention I completed all of my PhD course requirements and I have passed all of my doctoral exams! I am officially All But the Dissertation! This is a dream come true. After my dissertation I will finally, finally, finally be a doctor. Not a medical doctor, but you get it.

So, book news is the best news. I’m honored and grateful to join the Polis Books/Agora family in a two-book deal! Coming 2021, CHILDREN OF CHICAGO!

She’s Lost Control is available!

She’s Lost Control is available!

She’s Lost Control: The female voice is strong, and will not be controlled, is now available by Post Mortem Press.

This anthology includes my short story “The Black Wallpaper” which is an adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gillman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper.” I hope you read it. It’s probably one of my favorite short stories I have written recently.

You can find it at Amazon. Click on the image below.

She’s Lost Control by Joy Division can be heard here