31 Horror Movies for Halloween – CABIN FEVER

I saw CABIN FEVER in the theater in 2002. I was likely also wearing my low-cut early 2000s jeans while watching this.

I’ve also only seen it once. The same with JEEPERS CREEPERS, and for some reason confused the two recently, thinking JEEPERS CREEPERS was CABIN FEVER. Again, it was a long time ago when I first saw both movies.

CABIN FEVER is about a deadly skin virus, and I’ll just leave it at that.

Also, it’s called a horror comedy…so, fair warning, you know what you’re going in for if you haven’t seen the movie.

It’s directed by Eli Roth. I believe it’s his first feature horror.

31 Horror Movies for Halloween – REVENGE OF THE VAMPIRE

THE REVENGE OF THE VAMPIRE is an unofficial sequel you could say to DRACULA (1931).

This is actual also the last star billing that featured Bela Lugosi. What was also great about this one, is it’s thought that this is the first film to show the disintegrating vampire in the sun.

31 Horror Movies for Halloween – JEEPERS CREEPERS

31 Horror Movies for Halloween – JEEPERS CREEPERS

I saw this one in the theater years ago. It was 2001, and every one was wearing Abercrombie & Fitch or the Abercrombie & Fitch – type look…just like our young protagonists in JEEPERS CREEPERS. Sorry I can’t get over the early 2000s look.

I honestly remember the movie being very different. Maybe I’m confusing it with CABIN FEVER?

JEEPERS CREEPERS is a monster movie about a monster with a very specific diet. I haven’t seen the sequel. Maybe I’ll want it this month as well?

31 Horror Movies for Halloween – THE SENTINEL

The first question I have is…Why haven’t I seen this before?

I thoroughly enjoyed THE SENTINEL so much so that I’m planning on watching it again.

It was pretty wild, and I’m surprised I haven’t heard about it more. I think it was ahead of its time.

Granted, I do think that a lot of the religious imagery may not work today, but some of the graphic scenes were totally ahead of its time. Come on, how awkward is it to stop in and introduce yourself to the first floor neighbors. Then, as one of the women leaves to get you coffee the other woman proceeds masterbating in front of you? Then, there’s the whole did your boyfriend kill his ex? And of course there is the creepy priest living in the top floor apartment.