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31 Horror Movies for Halloween – Recap

I didn’t get to write a blog post to accompany each horror movie I watched this month. Some days I couldn’t get to watch any horror movies, but some days I watched a few.

Below is a recap of the horror movies I got to watch for the month of October.

I watched movies I had seen before, didn’t like, liked, and had never seen before. So, this is not a best list or anything like that. Also, I didn’t make it to 31 films.

Also, I watch horror movies every week – so it’s not like Halloween is ever over in my heart.



The Shinning

Halloween (1984)

Lost Child

Dead Man’s Shoes


Cry of the Werewolf

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

Child’s Play

The Quiet Ones

Cabin Fever

The Return of the Vampire

Jeepers Creepers


Trick r Treat

The Sentinel

Satan’s Slaves

Lost Child

The Witch in the Window

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night


Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Ghostbusters (1984)

Happy Halloween!


31 Horror Movies for Halloween – THE SHINING

If you haven’t watched THE SHINNING we can’t be friends. No, I’m serious. Close out of this page. Delete me from Twitter. Block me. Whatever. We must never communicate.

I love THE SHINNING. I love the book. I love the movie. There’s been quite a lot of rumor behind the film, including that Stephen King does not care for the adaptation.

Bonus, if you have watched THE SHINNING and are interested in Stanley Kubrick and what he may or may not have done to this film watch the documentary ROOM 237.

31 Horror Movies for Halloween – CRY OF THE WEREWOLF (1994)

I watched this as part of my Saturday evening ritual, and my Saturday evening ritual includes me making a bowl of popcorn and sitting down at 7pm to watch Svengoolie on MeTV where he shows horror classics. I usually watch Svengoolie with my 5-year-old and so if you are my 5-year-old’s kindergarten teacher you have read that wrong…ugh, my son is NOT watching scary movies with me….

The movie synopsis – a young woman is raised by gypsies and she must hide a secret…and that secret is that she’s a werewolf.

What makes this movie interesting is that the woman is a werewolf! There are some pretty strong female characters in this, considering it’s from 1944.

It’s thought that this is the first major film to cast a woman as a lead who transforms into a werewolf. Also, the shifting all occurs in shadow and the actual werewolf is a wolf – so not half beast half human, but the animal – dog/wolf.

I did enjoy this one because of these unique qualities. Maybe we need a modern female werewolf movie?

31 Horror Movies for Halloween – THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2003)

I like THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2003) remake. Fight me.

Look, I’m not saying it’s better than the original. The original THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE directed by Tobe Hooper is a masterpiece. Period. There’s no challenging the terror that was created with the set, the scenes, the screams, and of course Gunnar Hansen’s gory, looming, creeping Leatherface. The original THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is a horror movie in every scene.

I would like to state that THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (2003) remake is a pretty solid horror film in it’s own right. While it’s called a reboot, I would like to challenge that it should be considered as a standalone, but within the Chainsaw Massacre universe. This movie is grim, and grimy. You feel unclean as you watch Leatherface picking through moldy jars of tools and…parts.

I also want to say that Jessica Biel is amazing in this as not just a scream queen, but a horror survivor and horror hero.

Can we create a petition somewhere to demand Jessica Biel make more horror movies? Please?