Pomodoro and I didn’t break anything today

I woke up today and thought ‘What can I control?’

Because maybe that’s why everything is so overwhelming because there’s just been so much that has been out of my control. I woke up and said I was going to make sure at some point in my hectic morning I would find a quiet place, sit cross-legged and just take 10 deep breaths. I had a few extra minutes and was able to do yoga! Yes, me with my crazy life was able to quietly practice some asanas. I’m not wild yogi and I¬†admire (ie envy) the lithe yoga body but that’s just not me. Still, I find the practice stress relieving, and if it helps shed the 22 pounds of baby weight I still need to lose then I’ll take it!

Also, this early morning do you know what I did? I WROTE, like actual words, on an actual page, and I did so for almost an hour. I used to have my own room in my house but that got taken away by the baby. Dear Virginia Woolf was right when she said every woman needs a room of her own. I’m lucky that we have a large home with space so I took up space on the sofa in our bedroom and did some writing. I may even get a tiny writing desk in there and make a corner writing space for myself. I do have a home office I share with my husband but that’s solely for work-work. When I’m in there when I work from home my mind is focused on my day job so it’s very difficult for me to do any fiction writing in that space, even in the early morning or late night when I’m off work. Perhaps my mind has relegated that space to business. I like the idea of setting up a writing corner in my bedroom so stay tuned. I’ll see if I have any money in my budget to get a desk in there.

I’ve heard of the Pomodoro method and have used it a few times. I decided today that maybe I should turn to it more frequently with my limited time.

What’s the Pomodoro method? Read here:







I was able to write for 50 minutes (2 Pomodoro sessions). I’d love to be able to find enough time where I can write for 4 sessions of 25 minutes each, which would put my daily writing time to 100 minutes a day, nearly 2 hours. I was able to edit 10 pages this morning and hopefully, if I find some time this evening, I can write for another 2 sessions. While editing I finally felt a better connection with my protagonist. I’ve felt disconnected from her for some time, but I’m hoping this is the start of some good work that can add layers to her character.

Unfortunately, I have statistics homework tonight which will cut into my¬†writing time. It doesn’t sound fun because it’s not fun. No one wants to sit at home and work on multiple regression or correlation while an infant is screaming and a 4-year-old is shoving play-doh into his Legos.

So my night looks like this:

Some more work for work.




Statistics homework.

Working out (maybe 30 minutes worth)


IF I’m lucky, another 1 to 2 Pomodoro writing sessions where I can edit another 10 pages adding in more background, language, and layers.

So today, I was able to control some things and that made today a little bit better.


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