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Children of Chicago, winner of the International Latino Book Award for Best Mystery (2021)

Award Nominations

Into the Forest and All the Way Through, nominated for a Bram Stoker Award and Elgin Award (2020)
I Need to Believe,” nominated for a Bram Stoker Award (2020)
Poems of My Night, nominated for an Elgin Award (2017)
The Missing, nominated for an International Latino Book Award (2016)
Santa Muerte, nominated for an International Latino Book Award (2012)


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Children of Chicago review, Forgotten Corners
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StokerCon Reading
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Short Stories / Essays / Poems

Roses in the Attic, The Hideous Book of Hidden Horrors (Bad Hand Books, 2022)
This is Not a Poem, Writing Poetry In the Dark (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2022)
Skincare Routine, Under Her Skin (Black Spot Books, 2022)
I Hate Slashers, Slash-Her (Kandisha Press, 2022)


Lucky Charm, Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase Volume VII (2021)
Garden Landscape, Were Tales, A Shapeshifting Anthology (Brigids Gates Press, 2021)
Six Sides, Diabolica Americana (2021)
The Light Blinds, Far From Home: An Anthology of Adventure Horror, Off Limits Press (2021)
Snow White’s Shattered Coffin, It Came From Beyond Pulp (2021)
The Forever Awful House, Campfire Macabre, Cemetery Gates (2021)
Lamb’s Lettuce, Twisted Anatomy, An Anthology of Body Horror, Sci Fi and Scary (2021)


I Need to Believe, South West Review (2020)
A Story in Three Parts, Black Telephone Magazine, 2020
Come Away, Come Away, Lockdown: Stories of Crime, Terror, and Hope During a Pandemic (Polis Books, 2021)
The Cottage, Twisted Fairy Tale Showcase (2020)
The Red Dress, Ink Heist (2020)
Scrying, Hook of a Book (2020)
Alice’s Wonderland Inverse, Cedar Hollow (2020)
Holiday Traditions, Halldark Holidays (Cemetery Gates, 2020)

Lament of the Vejigante, Both Sides, an Anthology of Border Noir (Polis Books, 2019)
Boricua Obituary, Pa’Que Tu Lo Sepas (Down and Out Books, 2019)
The Black Wallpaper, She’s Lost Control (Post Mortem Press, 2019)

I AM, Horror Writers Association 2018 Poetry Showcase Volume V (HWA, 2018)

Funeral Print, 44 Lies by 22 Authors (Post Mortem Press, 2016)

The Horror Zine, featured poet, (2015)

The Tower, The Horror Zine, (2013)
The Toymaker (MicroHorror, March 2013)
Labyrinth (Blood Moon Rising), July 2013)
Eve (Danse Macabre, February 2013)

Blaspheme (Gothic Blue Book: Revenge Edition, October 2012)
El Diablito (Burial Day Books, June 2012)
Asylum (Seedpod Publishing, May 2012)

La Muerte (Flashes In The Dark, October 2011)
Red Rose (SNM Horror Magazine, August 2011)
White Snow (Danse Macabre, June 2011)
La Escalera (Static Movement, June 2011)
El Gallo (Weird Year, August 2011)
The Gravedigger (Gothic Blue Book: Haunted Edition, November 2011)
La Rana (Frightmares: A Fistful Of Flash Fiction Horror, November 2011)

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Into the Forest and All the Way Through is nominated for Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection and “I Need to Believe” is nominated for Superior Achieve in Short Non-Fiction for the 2020 Bram Stoker Awards®
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