Howland Island  (Portals anthology by Static Movement, 2013)
Labyrinth (69 Flavors of Paranoia, May 2013)
Novel 2, unnamed mythological horror fiction, 2013
Novel 3, outlining paranormal horror fiction, 2013
Novella 1, anthropomorphic horror fiction, 2013


Santa Muerte  P. Mortem’s Tall Tales, 2012
LOTERIA, June 2012


Fiction and Poetry has appeared in:
The Toymaker (MicroHorror, March 2013)
Labyrinth (Blood Moon Rising, July 2013)
Eve (Danse Macabre, February 2013)
Blaspheme (Gothic Blue Book: Revenge Edition, October 2012)
El Diablito (Burial Day Books, June 2012)
Asylum (Seedpod Publishing, May 2012)
La Muerte (Flashes In The Dark, October 2011)
Red Rose (SNM Horror Magazine, August 2011)
White Snow (Danse Macabre, June 2011)
La Escalera (Static Movement, June 2011)
El Gallo (Weird Year, August 2011)
The Gravedigger (Gothic Blue Book: Haunted Edition, November 2011)
La Rana (Frightmares: A Fistful Of Flash Fiction Horror, November 2011)


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