Post Mortem Press interviews me for Women In Horror Month

Post Mortem Press did a fun interview with me for Women In Horror Month on their Facebook page. The link is here and a transcript of that interview is below.

PMP: Today for #womeninhorrormonth we want to talk about Cina R Pelayo. Cina writes her (award winning) YA fiction from Chicago. Her titles with Post Mortem Press include Santa Muerte and The Missing, both described as ‘vibrant’ and ‘page-turners’. Big up for #womeninhorror! Say hi, Cina

CINA: Hi Post Mortem Press, I read a little too much horror, watch too many horror movies, and write horror at night when I’m away from the day job and my children and husband have fallen asleep.

PMP: What’re you reading at the minute?

CINA: I just finished reading The Killer Inside Me by Jim Thompson. I’m moving on to Sleeping Beauties by Owen & Stephen King.

PMP: Which leads us to possibly the scariest question this side of the ‘verse: Favourite book?

CINA: Favorite horror novel is without question The Exorcist. It’s the book that I wish I could write, at least something like it that makes people feel that uncomfortable and question their sanity. Favorite non-horror is The Great Gatsby.

PMP: Two very worthy choices in my humble opinion 😉 Are you working on anything at the moment?

CINA: Post Mortem Press yes! I’m wrapping up a supernatural horror novel. I’ve got a few more chapters to go before I send it off to my CP (critique partner) and developmental editor. Then, I’m leaving supernatural horror for a while and moving on to the wonderful world of serial killers.

PMP: So what you’re saying is your Google search history is looking rather shady?  Can you give us a little hint about the novel?

CINA: The FBI would find my search history intriguing. About the new novel? A detective in inner-city Chicago is being haunted by an unsolved case.

PMP: Tell us, so we don’t feel alone, have you made secret mental plans for the zombie apocalypse?

CINA: YES! I’ve decided to go north. Everyone would likely go south where it’s warm. I’ll head up north and find someplace ridiculously cold, like way north Canada, Nunavut someplace surrounded by frigid water.

PMP:  sounds like you’re as excited about it as me! More on topic, however, what unique characteristics do you think, or have you found, that women bring to horror?

CINA: I think women in horror are able to tap into what is truly frightening, people’s flawed humanity, and sometimes people’s lack of humanity. It’s quite terrifying

PMP: Finally, and then we’ll let you go write, give us a Cina R Pelayo trademark gem of wisdom…

CINA: There are good days. There are bad days, sometimes really bad days. No one can lift you out of the funk better than you, and if you are a writer, regardless of your credentials – you are a writer. So, write through the good days, the bad days, and don’t worry about what others are doing or accomplishing. You are here to tell a story, and hopefully more than one, so focus on yourself, on your writing and well…get to writing.

PMP: Love it! Cina, you’ve been a dream. PMP toasts you many bestselling books in the future

CINA: Thanks guys! It’s been fun! I’ll repost this transcript on my blog

PMP: We’ll look out for it 🙂