Reading. Word Count. Commitment.

I live in this middle area where it’s hard to make plans, but it’s hard to have too much spontaneity in my life. Considering that, I’ve thought about what I want to accomplish in 2018, but I will not set such tight limits on myself since I have to be realistic.

We are also starting off January and the New Year with a full moon, the Wolf Moon. Maybe that will bring us all some luck in the New Year? Let’s hope so.

Here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about.


  • I need to write every day. Some people say ‘Just write when you can.’ Cute. No, I need to write every day. Writing is a muscle and I’ve got to work on this muscle.


  • Record word counts each writing session. I’m not going to commit to a word count each day, but I at least want to record what it is I did each day.


  • Bullet journal. Do any of you do this? I’m going to start a bullet journal routine to keep my life, especially my writing life organized.


  • Finish two books this year. Crazy, I know, but I’m going to do it.


  • Start a podcast – Well, this is different?
    I’ve been having this nagging idea for a podcast. I don’t know what the legalities are around it, but I’m going to find out. At first, I thought it was a book, but after thinking about it last night it has to be a podcast. It has something to do with true crime and interviewing certain criminals. So, I need to do some research, but if all goes well I’ll be working on it this year.


  • Read more
    It’s not really a writing thing, but it is. You have to be a good reader to be a good writer. I’m going to read every day. I kind of do, but I’ve been reading way too much news, articles and essays lately that I need to get back to reading actual books and if I can read a book or more a week I’ll be happy this year.


  • Stop caring about what other people, i.e., what other writers are doing.
    There are some writers whom I love! I’ve seen them grow from fledgling writer to New York Times reviewed writers and I’m so happy for them, because they are lovely people.
    There are some writers (who will not be named) who criticized me, the field of genre writing, and horror writing, and oh look, are now writing horror and are getting name dropped everywhere. You’re a horrible human being, but I’m not going to care about what you do because you are a horrible human being and I will free myself from you.

Overall, I’m going to seclude myself some more. I’ll still participate on social media, but I won’t really go on there much to read what people are posting. If I post and you reply I will gladly reply, but I’m going to stop paying attention to what other people do because I don’t want to lose time.


  • I’m going to take care of myself more, and apply whatever methods I need to apply in order to take care of myself.


  • Staying away from screens/devices whenever possible. Why is there a computer in my face all day long? An iPhone? A television? I’m going to try to stay away from devices whenever I possibly can. If it’s connected to the internet and I can take a break from it I’m going to.

2017 wasn’t much of a writing year for me, and I admit that. In 2017, my entire focus what on taking care of myself, my pregnancy and welcoming my second son into this world. We will see what 2018 brings. All I can do is work hard and write what I like. If something comes out of it then great! If not, then at least I did what I loved.




Photo from crimebythebook