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I have my class list for the semester of the students I’m advising, and I will be tutoring this semester as well. So, I’m going to keep busy.


Also, given recent developments that one of my writing projects seems to have fallen through I am going to make a big push to write more short stories this year. Perhaps it was for the better that this happened. You can’t get lazy with writing. You can’t depend on people. You have to depend and trust yourself and your skills. At least with me, the moment I put trust in people things fall short. It’s terrible to say, but it’s happened to me quite a lot in this industry. So, perhaps it’s the universe teaching me to keep pushing forward and trusting only myself. My writing goal is to write 3,000 words a day. Yes, that’s insane, and I know it, but I have just one life and so why waste it? Plus, 3,000 words a day is doable if one focuses.


Lately, I’ve been missing my MFA and it’s incredible to believe that I finished my MFA over 4 years ago. Being in an MFA was one of the best experiences of my life, yet I do greatly miss the comforts of having a writing community. At least when I was in an MFA program many of us leaned toward dark fiction and so it was great to have people to bounce ideas off of. After completing an MFA I charged to get so many things published, and then this past year I feel like I just fell flat. I was burned out, and I’m not sure why. I enjoy writing. I enjoy research. It is exhausting having a full-time career outside of writing and being a new mom so perhaps that explains my exhaustion. I’m still trying to balance writing, work and motherhood. I’m still trying to advance my writing skills.


Again, more short stories this year, and definitively more poetry. I’m back to submitting to publications so I am looking forward to new work.



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Cynthia Pelayo

Cynthia (cina) Pelayo is the author of short story collection Loteria and the young adult horror novel Santa Muerte published by Post Mortem Press. Her short stories and poems have appeared in DM, Weird Year, Flashes in the Dark, SNM Horror Magazine, Seedpod, Static Movement, and more. Pelayo is the Publisher/Gravedigger of Burial Day Books and is a member of the Horror Writers Association. She is currently at work on two novels and a series of short stories and poems. You can find her on Twitter at @cinapelayo or at