So life is crazy right now



Yes, I’ve halted my #100HorrorMoviesfor100Days project and I suck for that, but I had a good reason for halting. I was in the final mad dash of wrapping up the edits for my sequel, and then I made an appearance at the Printer’s Row Lit Fair and then my basement got flooded… and then my kid’s birthday…so life happened. Although, great news – my sequel got picked up!


Post Mortem Press will publish SANTA MUERTE 2: THE MISSING! The novel will debut at the 2016 Printer’s Row Lit Fair. This novel is leaner than the last, but most important is that it was the hardest book I’ve had to write to date because it was the first time I wrote a novel while simultaneously being a mom, otherwise known as trying to keep a tiny human alive.


Now, I’m going to jump back into my #100HorrorMoviesfor100Days project today. Fine, the project is not consecutive, but guess what? I can do what I want.


In addition to that, Burial Day Books is still open for submissions for our 5th GOTHIC BLUE BOOK. So if you’re reading this and if you’re a writer please send us your submission for consideration.


Finally, I’m working on another novel now. It’s more on the commercial side, but still horror of course. I’ll let you know in the coming days how that’s going.


Thanks for reading.