Warning, Personal Post

So I went quiet from the horror writing world for some time. I closed down Burial Day Books. I didn’t write much new horror for about a year or two, and I just went sort of quiet and shut down.

Lindsay Hunter is a writer I respect very much. She has written some novels and articles that are fantastic. Recently, she’s been writing about motherhood and some of her posts, including this one inspired me to write about why I stopped publishing Burial Day Books and why I slowed down my fiction writing for some time.

I wrote a piece for Medium and it can be found here. In it I talk about miscarriage, infertility, and the horrible pain it brought. Note, that soon after my oldest son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. So, not only do writers have to deal with life; work, house chores, and squeezing in writing, but there are some writers that sometimes are fighting massive battles in the background with family illnesses, etc.

This is life. It’s hard, and full of sadness and suffering and sometimes, many times it can be beautiful.

I hope you read my piece in Medium and can understand why it’s taken me a bit to get back on the horror writing track. I hope to keep moving forward and producing great work. Keep sending me your positive vibes. I feel them friends.