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Wizard World Comic Con was last week in Chicago (and yes, I’m just posting this).

I had a great time speaking on the panel Women Creators Breaking Stereotypes. Here was the description of the panel.

From Jane Eyre and Little Women to Hunger Games, Star Wars Rogue One, and Wonder Woman… Female heroes have spurred many discussions! What have creators fought for in the past for their women title characters and what key ingredients do creators pour into their female leads today? Hear from Genese Davis (The Holder’s Dominion), Jamie Freveletti (Dead Asleep), Tina Jens (The Blues Ain’t Nothin’), and Cina Pelayo (Loteria) as they share their creation process for women heroes, what they think about when creating a female lead or collaborating on women superheroes, and what they foresee happening to female stereotypes in the future.

As you can imagine, we talked all things girl power, female superheros, publishing as women, and what we would like the future of publishing and media to look like.

I had a great time listening to Genese Davis, Jamie Freveletti, and Tina Jens. I was completely inspired by them and rushed home to write after the panel.

I’m looking forward to meeting more women creators out here in the world. If you are a woman writer, artist, creator…please reach out on twitter and let’s be friends!

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Genese Davis



Jaime Freveletti

Twitter: @Jamiefreveletti